Over the past 7 years I have produced 100's of songs ranging from hip-hop to folk and have amassed millions of streams across various projects. I am a multi-instrumentalist and am capable of diving into a multitude of unique styles and genres. One of my greatest gifts is my empathy which allows me to work with artists, understand what they're feeling, and help convey that through music. Although I am an artist myself one of my greatest joys is working with other people and helping to bring their music to life.

My production process differs for every artist I work with. Sometimes I'll make an entire instrumental before the artist is involved and they will write to what I make. Other times the artist is very hands on in the process and is right beside me in the studio from the beginning. I want to produce in a way that will make you as an artist feel comfortable and result in a song that is representative of what you had in your head while also providing you with ideas and sounds that could take it to an even greater level.

My production rates are dependent on the complexity of the project and the process involved so make sure to contact me with information about your project to get a quote.

Whatever vision you have for your music I'd love to chat and explore how I can help bring it to life.

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